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Performance X

Through the Performance X program we'll help artists establish high performing routines to their training, nutrition, sleep and recovery. The artists health is commonly overlooked during the early career development stage. During this stage they can establish habits and routines that eventually lead to poor performance and as a result deflate their career growth. 

The PX program will provide elite training to get artists ready for the road and late night recording sessions.

The program will include personal coaching from top vocal, musical, and physical trainers who will guide the artists through unparalleled mind and body wellness. Each session will start with neurological training systems to measures brainwaves, a sensory-performance station where artists can test perceptual and visual-motor skills, an anti-gravity treadmill, cryosauna, stationary bikes, treadmills and breathing masks where lactate thresholds and lung capacity can be measured. This data will allow us to customize each artists activity schedules based on their immediate and long term needs. 

Sunni Colòn

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