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Spaces by ___

The phenomenon of Pop-Up museums stands as a new frontier for the conception of time and space in culture. These places are fabricated to enable self-expression online — made to be seen and shared, without the necessity of deep reflection. Says art critic Glen Helfand: “These spaces are sensory experiences, not conceptual or critical ones. They emulate the immersive environment of the computer screen.” But more than superficial wonderlands made to be captured and shared and pulled apart to make space for what amounts to another selfie backdrop — these spaces allow people to craft a narrative about themselves. This is me, framed in art.


When a fan shares a music video, the perfect marriage of sound and vision, it’s often because they want to share something about themselves: “this is who I am, this is the music I like, the art I like.” But in 2018, what’s more shareable than the self. People want to frame themselves inside the art, in front of it, as an inextricable part of it. So let’s create physical spaces where they can do just that.


The Spaces by project will utilize YouTube Spaces around the world and will bring together visual and musical artists to collaborate on an immersive experience — the music video as a physical space. It’s art and music, made to be accessible — intellectually and physically. It will be a space used to create the artist’s official music video — but then left open for fans to step inside. And it will be made to be shared. (e.g. talking point imagine if when everyone was memeing Drake dancing in Hotline Bling, that Turrell-inspired space was also open for people to enter and dance inside and share on their IG story)


People are invited to step inside the creative heart of an artist’s project, but more importantly, they’re given permission to project out to the world that they were there: Look at where I am, look at who I know, look at this art I’m surrounded by that captures how I feel about myself even better than I know how to articulate in words.



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