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YouTube Music Lume

Invest 10% of our marketing budget to investing in music programs around the world?



We're witnessing a seismic shift in popular culture - one where doing "Good" has become its own form of "Cool," creating a unique opportunity for brands, nonprofits, and artists to learn from each other and work together.


Consider these statistics: Millennials in the United States number 80 million and have a combined annual spending power of $200 billion (and a staggering $2.45 trillion globally). And according to the 2017 Cone Communications Millennials CSR Study, 91% would switch brands to one associated with a case (versus the US average of 85%). The situation is no different when we look at the generation Generation Z. Numbering 80 million, Gen Z has a direct spending of $44 billion, which rises to $200 billion when you consider the indirect influence they have over their parents' spend.


According to the Fuse Gen Z Report Social Activism and Cause Marketing after learning a brand support a social case, 90% are likely to purchase from that brand over another brand that does not support a cause. 


This isn't just about marketing this is the right thing to do. Non-Profit and public school music education programs help millions of kids develop skills that more academic classes can not. For many of these kids, music becomes their trade that creates a fulfilling life.


Google's heavy investment in education programs has already proved to the consumers that we're a brand that cares. And as the brand builds its music narrative it's only natural that music and arts education becomes a bedrock of the brand's ethos. 


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