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Sheck Wes

"Mo Bamba" Music Video


The newest artist on Travis Scotts Cactus Jack Records (Interscope) Sheck Wes is bringing a different flavor to the scene. Working with directors Tyler Ross (aka White Trash Tyler) and Nick Walker we created the first raw and individualistic visual for the rising star. 

Executive Producer 


Inspired by both Samuel T. Herring's (Future Islands) lyrics and director Will Mayer's loss of his father, this visual illustrates the battle one endures when losing a loved one. This project was part of WeTransfer's new music initiative with support from Stink Films. 

Client Lead | Executive Producer


WeTransfer BBNG



American Original


What does originality mean? Some say to be original you have to throw away the traditional thinking that guides our reality. In a series of sit down interviews, we asked the debated question to several artists who pursue to create their own lane. 

Client Lead | Writer | Executive Producer


Travis Scott


Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 5.18.34 PM.png

As Travis Scott collaborates with Nike to design and launch his very own Air Force 1 shoe we take you through his journey from the studio to the stage and back to his hometown of Houston. Using mixed media formats, director Tyler Ross brings you up close and personal through a 3 part social series.

Client Lead | Executive Producer 

Short of the Week​


Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 9.02.13 AM.png

In this short film, we follow a young Brazilian sailer who embarked on his dream of sailing the sea. ​

Executive Producer | Marketing 

Nowness ​


Sequence 31.00_02_11_11.Still025

This film documents Trash Talk while on a week-long tour throughout Japan. Utter sleep deprivation, culture shock, and excessive drugs. We snaked through the streets, down flights of stairs and into the underground hardcore shows of Japan. ​

Executive Producer | Marketing


Stanford University 


As the launch event for music technology startup, Stashimi, we sat down at Stanford University with Solange, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Melissa Harris-Perry to discuss music, politics, and culture. 

Creator | Executive Producer | Event Lead

Jhene Aiko



Finding the light through a sonic experience comes easy when you're listening to Jhene Aiko and Gallant on top of an Adrian Younge production. 


Executive Producer | A&R | Marketing Lead

Red Bull 

Studio Live


A week prior to Miguel's Wild Heart album release we invited a handful of fans and press to be first in experiencing the new album live.

Creator | Marketing Lead | Event Manager

Red Bull

20 Before 15


Creating a moment is seldom done by brands which is why you let D'Angelo, Earl Sweatshirt, Skrillex, and Jesse Ware do it instead. ​

Executive Producer | A&R | Marketing Manager


Snoop Dogg


Reincarnated, the highly anticipated feature-length documentary, offers the most comprehensive examination of the life and career of hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, as he travels to Jamaica and undergoes a spiritual odyssey that rechristens him as "Snoop Lion."​

Strategist | Marketing Lead | Social Manager




In a sea of brands, the only way to stand out is to be ahead of the curve and embrace the new.  The line-up which featured second time SXSW performer Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Nippsey Hustle, and Smoke DZA, became a defining moment for the scene. 

Marketing Lead | Talent Booker | Event Producer

Makers Studio Snoop Dogg


In the spare time of a Pepsi Christmas commercial, we decided to try something new. With the talent on set, we reset the stage and started filming a late-night news show featuring Snoop Dogg, Bishop "Magic" Don Won, and Andy Milanokis. At that moment we embarked on a journey which would eventually lead us to create the now infamous web-series, GGN which has seen guests such as Seth Rogen, A$AP Rocky, Mark Cuban, Post Malone, Lena Waithe, and even Kathy Bates. 

Co-Creator | Executive Producer | Marketing Lead

Red Bull 

Culture Clash


The worlds biggest music battle landed in Los Angeles with Dim Mak, Stones Throw, Smog, and Dub Club going head-to-head. ​

Marketing Manager | Content Producer | Social Manager 

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