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Digital & Social Plan


Activate the marketing team and strategically saturate the social landscape with hyper-targeted growth campaigns on Spotify, Youtube, Reddit, and Tik Tok. 


Work with Spotify on features, media buys, and place singles on 100 genre specific micro-playlists.

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Align with Youtube for additional budget and activate the following: 


Interviews, appearances, and memes. 


Targeted Channel Placement

Trap Nation, All Trap Music, WSHH, MORindie, CollegeMusic, MafiaMusic, 7Clouds, BlazedMusic, Sad Trap Music, Dope Lyrics.



Weekly scheduled livestreams and chats showing fans the road life and his real life when he's back home. 

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Activate key Instagram influencers utilizing customized content including videos, audio, gifs, and memes. 

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Engage with high-rated reddit users for paid posts and shares. 

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