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Today we have infinite access to new, original music streaming 24/7 — but even in this landscape, the cover artist endures. Is it the familiarity and comfort in hearing a song we know and love transformed and re-performed? Perhaps it’s the transformation of something we feel OK about into something more appealing to our musical sensibilities. Or maybe it’s the sense of joy we get in seeing someone just like us pick up a guitar and perform a tribute to somebody else’s song with respect — and raw talent. The one thing we’re sure of is that the cover artist is more loved and more accessible than ever thanks to YouTube. Let’s show our gratitude and support for these artists by shining a spotlight on them as individuals beyond just performers of another artist’s music. Let’s go behind the cover and here about why they empathized with a particular song. What connection do they share with the artist they covered? What are their hopes, fears, ambitions?


In this series, the artist whose music has been covered will invite the cover artist into their space for an intimate conversation — perhaps to even cook for them. Through their fireside chat, we’ll learn what these two artists have in common, how the cover artist interpreted the track they covered, how that differs from the original artist’s intention, and more. Closing off each episode the cover artist and the artist they cover will performe a song together. 

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