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Behind the cool visual identity, the songs and the performances — what really happens in the day to day of an emerging artist? These in-between moments are what will facilitate a real connection between artists and their fans, so let’s give artists the opportunity to invite people into the untold, undusted corners of their days.


What happens here? Sometimes, nothing. Sometimes, a lot of grit and determination and blood, sweat, tears. Relatability. Through a 12 episode YouTube Red Series we'll highlight 5 artists journeys as they try to make it in the music industry. We'll see the unfiltered moments, the emotionally fraught moments, the bad jokes and the leftovers and the fears and dreams and late nights and sleepless nights and fights with collaborators and stakeholders as they learn go find their place in an industry that certainly doesn’t make it easy. Emerging artists haven’t emerged, they’re just about to find their wings and breakthrough. Let’s take people inside the cocoon of the artists’ daily lives to keep them company while they figure it all out. When they emerge, we’ll be right there.






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