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Music VR

The first agreement that artists have with the listener is that they’re going to provide good music, and hopefully interesting visuals. It’s later that the listener will decide if they care about the artist as a human or not — and this usually won’t occur until they see a glimmer of the artist’s humanity in an interview, on a social channel etc. But there’s connection, and then there’s real emotional connection, grounded in empathy. And for an artist that level of caring is hard to get a hold of.


VR allows us to inhabit the artist’s world and feel empathy and connection to the artist like never before. Let’s not waste that potential on cool visual spectacles that lack humanity. Let’s create experiences that ground the artist’s music in concrete stories, and that allow audiences to participate in those stories first-hand. Was a song inspired by an abusive relationship? Let’s take the listener into that experience, and let them feel the salt on their cheeks as the artist did.  Let’s provide context because with context comes connection.


Partnering with Chris Milks' VR studio WITHIN we'll create a series of musician-inspired virtual experience that will bring fans into the musician's world giving them the unique perspective into their mind. Fans will be asked to RSVP and will receive a Google Cardboard with instructions on when to watch the music experience.


A completely new way to experience music. 


Björk VR Experience



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