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The concept originated in 1956 with the article “Mass Communication and Para-Social Interaction” by Donald Horton, and R. Richard Wohl wherein the authors suggested that through repeated visual and audio contact people form a one-sided relationship with the media figure while being utterly unknown in return.  


Para-Social Interactions (PSI) leads to a Para-Social Relationship (PSR), which is key in establishing the feeling of knowing the celebrity long after the exposure ends. In a small percentage of cases, the media figure becomes a source of felt security and safe haven such that a Para-Social Attachment (PSA) forms.​​



YouTube Music brings harmony to the personal music experience.  

While positioned as the luminous matchmaker we'll increase the artist to audience bond through optimizing the ATL and BTL content we share on macro and micro communication touch-points. The artist brand content stack will be developed to include not only the traditional assets but a set of shoulder content that allows the fan to develop a deeper relationship. 



Artist Content Stack

  • Music Videos

  • Recorded Music 

  • Live Performances

  • Studio Sessions

  • Day-in-the-life


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